About Trinity’s Reading Class

This tutoring program was created as a solution to the serious (and common) problems I have seen in the public school classrooms for the past 26 years. It’s time to make a shift in education.

What It’s All About​

Every child has their own learning style, and learning pace. So when you put 27 students in one classroom, what happens to the children who are behind? What happens to the children who are ahead? The teacher has to mostly cater to the average student’s needs and pace, which means the ones who are behind… will stay behind. And the ones who are ahead… will have their learning potential capped (and they’ll become bored with learning in general). That’s why I’m here.

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“Reach you to teach you. Learn and excel.”​

Let’s prevent your child from losing confidence and motivation. Instead, let me teach them from where they are, address their individual learning style, help them reach their full potential, and keep learning funso they’ll remain lifelong learners.

Natasha Frazier
Education Specialist

“My child has grown over two grade levels in reading, in your class!” -Ann (parent)

“Since he’s been in your class, he now loves to read”

“You’ve helped my child learn so much!” -Connie (parent)

“You’re the best teacher ever” -Eleanny (student)

Apply now to enroll in Summer & Fall 2023 Classes!

Trust an Industry Leader

Have confidence in your state-certified tutor, knowing Ms. Frazier has 27 years of teaching experience with K-6 students of various backgrounds, and was awarded Teacher of the Year.

Learn Online at Their Own Pace​

Custom, individualized plans (in phonics/reading fluency, or bible lesson/character development) will help your child excel at their own pace- and have fun along the way.

Accessible From Anywhere

Flexible scheduling. Multiple tutoring plans available. Sessions do not require app-downloads. Learn from anywhere!

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