Is Sunday School enough for my child?​

Your child will gain more from the lessons they learn with one-on-one learning, than they will from any Sunday School classroom time. Individualized instruction allows a student who is above or below “average” to proceed at the student’s own pace for optimal learning. Students do not have to repeat portions of a course that they have already mastered… which enables learning about the bible to be FUN!

Why develop their spiritual growth at this age?

Reading the Bible will help your child know who God is. Knowing God nurtures trust and a relationship with Him. The Bible gives our children guidance, so they can understand right and wrong, and display the fruits of the spirit. This translates into their home life, school life, and social life. Wouldn’t you love to offer your child a solid foundation, as early as possible?

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Keep Them A Step Ahead

As an experienced elementary curriculum developer for Bible school, I cannot wait to help your 3rd-6th grader child apply these nurturing biblical values and lessons, into their daily life. It fills my heart to guide a child into developing their character in God’s way, and not the world’s way.

Natasha Frazier
Education Specialist

God’s Kids

$150/ month
  • Verse Memorization
  • Character Studies
  • Interactive Activities
  • 1 Session Per Week (One Hour Long) for 4 Weeks

God’s Disciples

$250/ month
  • Verse Memorization
  • Character Studies
  • Interactive Activities
  • 2 Sessions Per Week (One Hour Long) for 8 Weeks
  • Bonus: Field Trip Opportunity to Noah’s Ark in KY (Date TBA)

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